Nourishing All Children

Malnutrition can be catastrophic for any child. It is especially tragic for children without families caring for them, and for kids with disabilities who are often isolated from their communities. They are suffering in silence, rarely served by international and local efforts.

SPOON creates and spreads readily accessible tools that bring critical nutrition and feeding practices to children who often go unseen.

The Need

Children in orphanages, foster care and those with disabilities are suffering at alarming rates from preventable malnutrition and dangerous feeding practices, robbing them of their health, development and chance for a family.

Our Approach

We work with our partners to equip caregivers with the knowledge and tools they need to ensure adequate nutrition and safe feeding – and train them to teach others.

Our Impact

We’ve influenced national policy in Kazakhstan, dramatically reduced anemia and stunting in India sites, and transformed feeding practices for children with disabilities in Central and SE Asia.