How We Help

We do NOT provide food aid, rather we use our resources to teach others how to feed children safely and adequately. We give them the tools and expertise needed to provide optimal care in low resource settings, as well as train them to teach others, thereby cascading our impact to reach more children.


Our Strategy

SPOON spreads our expertise and tools through international and local partners who are already established on the ground, leveraging their regional knowledge, relationships and staff presence to expand more quickly and effectively than we could alone. This strategy, rooted heavily in partnership, allows SPOON to deliver solutions that are locally contextualized, locally owned, and sustained over the long term.


Our Tools

SPOON complements traditional nutrition programs through our package of assessment and intervention tools that address what and how children are fed. Our experts have designed solutions to accommodate the crucial and unique nutrition and feeding needs of children impacted by disability and/or institutional care. These tools address many of the root causes of malnutrition, including:

  • Feeding Techniques – Assessing and improving caregiver feeding practices for young children and children with disabilities
  • Nutrition Screening – Identifying children at-risk and prescribing individualized interventions for children with complex needs
  • Diet – Evaluating and optimizing diet and supplementation, including food preparation in institutional settings