When we think of need, we think of Katie. Left in an orphanage because of her disability, confined to a crib from which she was hardly ever lifted. Nine years old, and just 10 pounds of tiny, neglected body.

In Katie’s community, children born with special needs are not considered special. Misunderstanding and misdiagnoses mean they’re denied basic needs — for the care, nutrition, and human contact they need to have a fighting chance to thrive, or even survive.

Even for children whose experiences are not as devastating as Katie’s, malnutrition and neglect prevent growth, impair brain development, and rob them of the happy childhood milestones so many of us take for granted.

Katie was lucky – her family accessed the remedial nutrition and other medical attention she needed to recover the potential she was nearly denied. Several years later, Katie has grown by leaps and bounds, both physically and developmentally. She is beginning to walk, develop language and feed herself.

Around the globe, preventable malnutrition is putting the futures of millions of institutionalized children at risk. While the need is great, we’ve seen the impact of the solutions we can deliver through local partner organizations in the countries where we work. We need your help to deliver nourishment, hope and opportunity to more kids like Katie.

Improve nutrition for more children like Katie.

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