Ravi got off to a rough start. He was born near Pune, India with very low birth weight (just over 5 pounds) and was small for his gestational age. At three months old, he underwent surgery to repair a heart condition. Taken together, these factors were two strikes against his ability to thrive.

Luckily for Ravi, a new set of SPOON tools is helping caregivers ensure that malnutrition won’t be the third strike.

These tools are a central part of SPOON’s partnership with Holt International, a joint project to ensure that its programs in India provide nutrition to meet the true needs of the individual children they reach.

It’s been 18 months since Holt staff started tracking Ravi’s nutritional status. With SPOON’s tools, staff identified anemia and slow weight gain in Ravi; they provided appropriate supplementation, ongoing growth monitoring, and extra feedings to help him catch up in length and weight. Now, Ravi is no longer anemic and has caught up in growth!

And Ravi is not alone; together, SPOON and Holt have drastically decreased anemia prevalence at both pilot project sites in India, and have empowered caregivers to reach more children across the country.

Like children everywhere, Ravi is striving to reach his full potential. Through this partnership, SPOON is giving him, and children like him, a better chance at success.

Join us in improving nutrition for children like Ravi and his friends around the globe.

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